Sunday, September 30, 2007

"Are You Caught In The Glue Trap Of Sin?"

I did this post when we caught a mouse in a glue trap a while back, I just never posted it, and I think I will do that today.

The night we caught the mouse I got to thinking about the trap itself. In the glue trap that we bought it came baited to draw the mouse to it. Once the mouse got the smell of the bait, it made it's way onto the trap and tasted the bait....then as you know it got stuck in the glue and could not get out of the mess it was in. Looking at that glue trap made me think about how sin and the world are like that glue trap.

People see what the world has and they just want a taste of what it has to offer, just a little taste, but before they know it they are in a world of sin they don't know how to get out of. As I watched that little mouse who was still live and struggling to free itself, it's strength almost completely gone from trying and trying, I felt sorry for it. I knew that with some help from a bigger and stronger source, it could be free. Just before my dad walked outside to take care of the mouse, it died while struggling to be free.

My dad then took the trap outside and threw it away. I thought of all the people in the world that have gotten so deep into the trap of sin that they died in the mess they had gotten themselves into. But there is still a chance for those out there in sin to get out. With a bigger and a much stronger source they can be from that trap. God is more than ready to take anyone out of that trap.

I am so glad that 13 years ago the Holy Spirit came and convicted my soul and brought me out of that trap of sin I was in. I know that I was 5 and was really not "in" sin, but I was a lost person who needed a God that would protect me from that life!!! I am so glad God used that little glue trap to remind me of what He did for me!!


Julie's Jewels said...

Awesome post Honey!! This is a great way to put how the life of sin will draw people in and get them so they can't get out on their own.


Bro Tim said...

Kristina a wonderful post, it is great how God reminds us of what he does sometimes with just a little mouse trap. So true of how the world gets ahold of peoples lives, and how their life will end if they stay in the glue trap. Good spiritual application, and I am so glad when the came my way also.

Bro Tim

David Scott said...


Good analogy! I was even thinking about how God rescues us from that trap and sometimes we walk back into it and willingly trap ourselves. I love object lessons. Keep posting!

Jessica said...

Hey Kris,

I thought I already commented on this post... but then I don't see the comment, so maybe it didn't work the first time! Let's try this again! LOL!

Great Post! I'm so glad that God saved me at a young age, and kept me from a life of sin. There is no telling where I would be if it wasn't for the Lord saing my soul 8 years ago!! :)

Love you,