Saturday, April 21, 2007

God has been so good to me!!

When I went to read the most recent post on The Good Report there was a song playing. It was the song "God has been so good to me" and it got me to thinking on how good God really has been to me! Her gave me a great family, a great church, He saved me, and so much more! God has been ever better to me here lately. I am just so glad that I have a God in heaven that just likes to spoil me!!! LOL

I wanted to update on the piano situation. I told y'all awhile ago that someone was paying for my lessons. Well...after the second lesson I went to pay her for it, and she told me that she did not want me to pay for the lessons! She said that since I had such a desire to learn to play and that I would be using it in the church that she did not want me to pay her for the lessons. Isn't God just great!! I know that Momma(Julie's Jewels) posted about it when it happend, but I thought that I needed to share that. God is just so good to me!!!


Courtney, Jer.33:3 said...

Wow!! That is great!!!! Can't wait to hear ya in June!!!

Julie's Jewels said...

I still rejoice at God doing this for you Kristina. God truly is wonderful. He is faithful to bless those that surrender to Him and use their talent for Him. You have done these things and He is rewarding you for it. Stay surrendered and never forget Who it is that is doing it all for you!!! I love you!!


Bro Tim said...

Yes God is so good to me too. I know I don't deserve it that is for sure. I am so glad that we serve a big God and I am waiting for when you are able to play the piano in church. Have a great day.
Bro Tim

The Good Reporters said...