Tuesday, December 19, 2006

So, so busy!

Well.....where oh where shall I begin. There is a whole lot that we have been doing so I will just go through a few starting on Saturday.
Saturday was our church Christmas party here at the house. There was just so much cooking and other things that needed to be done that day, but with plenty of help from my Aunt and our youth leaders wife....it all got done in time! The party went really well....we had a blast! We played a game or two, everyone seemed to have a really good time.
Monday (yesterday) we (as in my mother and I) went Christmas shopping for the family. I was the only one that could go with my mother due to the fact that I know all of my gifts. No, no...I did not peek, I picked them out!! The items that I wanted had to be picked out by me because my momma would have never remembered what it was. :) After 4 long hours of shopping we went home and wrapped all the gifts....which in itself took a good deal of time. When my brother came home from work last night he asked my mom to do some more shopping....except for this time it was HIS shopping that she was doing. So....me being that one that knows what I am getting was told to come along again.......at 9:00 p.m!!!! We were at the store for 2 hours this time. We got home shortly after 11:00 and started to wrap gifts once more. Let's say it was just a late night!!!! :)
Today we went to my Grandmothers house to help with the Christmas baking. I was supposed to help, but I ended up with a really bad headache after we got there. Grandma had plenty of help though, Momma, Michelle, and my Aunt Latisha. There was alot that got done tonight.

Well....that sums up the past few days of my life! How was your weekend?

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BrittLeigh said...

Wow, so my sis and I aren't the only ones who "shop 'til we drop" :D

Sounds like fun, though I know it's exhausting!!!!