Friday, March 17, 2006

Our Conversation.

I Timothy 4:12- Let no man despise thy youth; but be thou an example of the believers, in word, in conversation, in charity, in spirit, in faith, in purity.

I Peter 1:15- But as he which hath called you is holy, so be ye holy in all manner of conversation;

Our conversation is something that we should try our best with the Lord's help to guard. Be very careful of what you say, your words reflect upon your testimony. What is the first thing that you would think about a person when you hear him cursing? It certainly would not be anything good about him, and everytime you see him you will think about what you heard from him and his testimony is one that you would say "Oh, he curses." But let's take this from another angle. Now with us being Christians our problem is not cursing, it is gossip, lying and saying rude things. Have you ever noticed that when you hear someone gossipping you think of them as a gossip. Have you ever noticed that when you hear someone lying you think of them as a liar. What about someone being rude? Do you think of them as a rude and mean person? Of course you do. That is the first thing that comes to your mind about them and you automatically think of them as that. See how easy it is to ruin your testimony by your choice of conversation? I know that me and my brother like to play around by teasing each other, and we like to say things like normal brothers and sisters say to each other. I know what I can tease Ronnie about, but other people I am not so quick to tease until I get to know them that is!! Sometimes I get so caught up in the teasing that I will say something mean and rude and I have to appoligize. What I am getting at is that even by playing around sometimes feelings get hurt and your testimony can get hurt in the process. Now, there is nothing wrong with playing around. But watch what you say when you do it. You can play and tease without being rude and mean. Our conversation should be one that would glorify God. Does gossip, lying and being rude glorify God? Guard what you say!! Ask God for the help that you need in that area, and if you honestly mean it God will help you with it. God will not help you if you are not serious to try to change it. Let your conversation be one that would belong to a Christian.


Momma said...

Very good post Kris. I know this is something that I have had to work on and still do have to be careful of. I also know this is an area that God has had to help you with and it's a blessing to see someone realize their weakness and want to do something to change it. God is the only one that can change it though. Good post!! I love you!!

Jessica said...

Hey Kristina,
That's a great post! I think that is a hard area for teenagers (and young adults) We like to joke and have fun, and sometimes it can be hard for us to know when to joke and when not to.

I must say that it is good to have a friend like you that I can joke with and you know I'm just kidding. (I hope I haven't said anything to hurt your feelings!! If I have I didn't mean to!!!)

Love ya girl,

kristina said...

No Jess, you haven't. You are perfectly fine to pick on me all you want!! LOL!!
Love you!!

Bro Tim said...

Kristina this is a very good post. You are exactly right about our conversation. God has alot to say about it in his Word. Christians must learn how to be builders and not cutters. Remember we are to edify people when we talk to them even when we rebuke someone it is still good to somehow do something to edify them. Again this is a very good post.

Courtney, Jer.33:3 said...

Good post girl! I know what you mean by thinking little of others because of what you hear them say. I hope no one thinks I have a problem with my mouth!

Also, I hope you aren't offended when I tease you about your laundry! :)

kristina said...

Courtney, you are perfectly fine. I enjoy being teased!! It is fun!! I know when people are playing with me or just being mean. You have never done anything!! Love ya Girl!

Courtney, Jer.33:3 said...

Love you too!!
Hope to see you in June!!!
You better be there!!! :)

kristina said...

I plan to be!!!