Thursday, March 16, 2006

Busy, busy!

Today we are gonna have a busy one!! I don't know exactly when, but sometime today Sis. Crystal and the kids are gonna come over. I am really gonna enjoy that!! Savannah is soooo cute. She is a doll, last night in church I was sitting on the front row with Ronnie and Jessica when someone said this some what loud...."KRISTINA". I turned and looked not knowing who called my name, I looked at Robbyn and she gave me the weirdest look, so I knew that it could not have been her. Come to find out Savannah called my name!! She was looking at a picture of me during church and she wanted me to see it so she called me!! She is such a sweet heart!! The baby's name is Kassidy, she is such a wee thing. She is so little!!!
Later tonight we are having Jessica over so that she and Ronnie can be together tonight. They have seen each other EVERY DAY since Saturday!!! They have it bad, only Ronnie says that Jessica has it worse...I don't know about that though, he got home the other day at 5 till 6:00. As soon as he walked through the door he was in the shower and out in 3 MINUTES, and he was out of the house in 10 minutes!!!! far as who has it worse...I think they equal out. So that is what we are doing tonight! Plus we have the Karlee Bugs today, she is really sleepy right now and needs a nap to the big time!! So pray that she goes to sleep!!! She is really, really cranky!! Talk to all y'all later!!


Jessica said...

Ronnie says I have it worse?? Let me just say 2 words.... "Krispy Kreme"!! LOL!! Ronnie just doesn't want to admit it because of that "guy ego" that he has. I'd agree with you, I'd say it's about equal!! But if Ronnie wants to say it's me more, I'll go for that too. (I'm not afraid to admit that I like him!!) :)

I had a lot of fun tonight!! The Doughnuts Ronnie got for me was soooo sweet!! Your brother is great!! It just makes me really glad that I waited on God's will. You keep waiting too Kris, it will be worth it!! Some guy will be bringing you doughnuts one day(Or knowing you, it will probably be Banana Pudding Ice Cream!! LOL!!)

Love ya,

Courtney, Jer.33:3 said...

Banana Pudding Icecream? YUCK! :)
Does that mean my future fellow will be bringing me Taco Bell? :)

Kristina said...

That is really funny! I love Banana Pudding Ice is the best thing around!!! It is great!! You should try it sometime. It is made my Bluebell. Yum's good!!!

Kristina said...

And Yes, I guess that does mean that you get Taco Bell and some hot sauce!! :)
Love ya Girl!!