Saturday, August 27, 2005

What today holds.

Today we are going to the church at about 11:00 to decorate for a secret sister banquet that will be held at 1:00. Yesterday I went tp the orthodontist and the glued the bracket back on and tightened my braces. Needless to say yesterday I could not eat!! What ended up happening with the bracket is Thursday night while I was brushing my teeth, it fell off!! I had this huge wire in the back of my mouth poking and making me very uncomfortable. I am planning on today being the best day I have had in 4 days!!!! The secret sister banquet should be a blast. I am hoping anyway. I plan to EAT and EAT till I can't EAT no more! Well....maybe not that much. What are y'alls plans for today???


Courtney, Jer.33:3 said...

Did you EAT and EAT until you could EAT no more????? You're so funny!! :) :) Today, we went to a brand new Super Wal-mart and spent about 4 hours there.

Sis.Crystal said...

I went to the Secret Sister meeting and then went to "Surprise " Birthday party for a friend of mine. It was alot of fun.

Kristina said...

Well...I thought that me teeth were done with being sore, until I took a bite of something that I really wanted!! So no I did not EAT and EAT till I could not EAT anymore!!!