Sunday, August 28, 2005

Hurrican Katrina Category 5

Well...We found out this morning that Hurricane Katrina is now a category 5. Which is REALLY, REALLY dangerous. Robbyn's husband Eric will be leaving Monday to go to Mobile Alabama, he will part of the clean-up crew. It is going to be really bad down there, this is if they even let him in. They have mandatory evacuations down there right now. Katrina is heading for Louisianna, Mississippi and Alabama. It will still be a hurricane when it hits us. We are right where it is showing to hit Ga. I am praying that they will not let Eric in until the Hurricane is gone. So pray that he will be safe while down there. He is supposed to be down there for 4 months, and they have a one month old baby. This is going to be really hard on them. Pray for all of the people whose homes are going to be destroyed.

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