Thursday, May 05, 2005

Todays Duties!

Well....Today has been kinda a busy day. I have gone grocery shopping, changed diapers, take a shower and spend TIME finding what I was gonna wear for tonight. Ya know something?? I have found out that not only girls go through 10 outfits in one day!!! Well..10 outfits before you have found what you are gonna wear for the day. Today I only went through ONE!! That is awesome for me! it normally takes like 4 to 5 before I have found what I am gonna wear. I want to know what your favorite outfit is?? Mine is a blue jean skirt with a bright blue striped shirt. HAVE A GOOD DAY!!!!

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Bekah S said...

YOU SOUND LIKE ME!!!! My room can be TOTALLY clean On Saturday night but it's a mess after I finish getting ready for church. I usually have a pile of clothes about a foot deep and two feet in diameter!!!!