Sunday, March 13, 2011

Somewhere someone is...

...always talking bad about you or anyone else they can seem to find any little thing they disagree on. I can't even count the times that my friends have been drug through the dirt for something as simple as entertaining conversation. It really just makes me sick! I know, its our life that we are putting out in the open for all to see and read...but since when does that give anyone the right to talk badly about someone? Last time I checked, it didn't! So instead of using your excuse of "we put it out there"...take the time to think about it just for a minute before you let your fingers do the typing and your mouth do the speaking. And remember, the eyes of the Lord are in EVERY place beholding the evil and the good (Proverbs 15:3)!

Okay, rant done!


Rachel said...

Just remember, the more you open your life for the world to leave feedback in it, the more you may regret having done so. We Christians are supposed to be a light to the lost, and may I suggest that ranting and complaining(4th of July 2010) for all the world to hear is not a very bright light, if one at all.
Just some food for thought.
From another Christian who has stopped to think about it.
Don't let anyone get you down about the new blessing God is sending your way. Everyone has a purpose in this life.

Sandy said...

I've been meaning to comment and this seems like a good time. Seems you could use some positive words.

We got married around the same time but I have not yet been blessed with children. I have been blessed, however, with an almost uncanny calm about it. I just know it is part of the plan. It isn't time yet, or maybe it will never be time, but it will all make sense later.

Reading your blog is a small part of that peace for me. Watching God's perfect plan for your life unfold reminds me that His plan for my life is perfect too.

maeve said...


While I don't agree with all your choices or all your views, I still admire you and good for you for following your convictions!! I wouldn't even waste time in worrying about what others think or feel they need to say. Congratulations on your next pregnancy, you are very blessed, and blessed to have a wonderful husband who is there with you through it all.

Anonymous said...

Be strong Kristina! The enemy will use every thing in his power to bring us down. Praying for y'all to have peace and contentment when you are reviled. Remember to pray for the ones satan uses, that they might be saved.

Sis. Julie said...