Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Daddy - Daughter Moment

I just had to post was just too cute!


Where the Green Grass Grows said... cute:)Such a blessing and sweet picture!

sara said...

ohh wat a cute pix, thats so sweet. :)

Eight said...

She is just a lovely little girl! And growing by the minute! I just had a new nephew born--a little younger, but 8 pounds, 13 ounces--we'll have to keep them in mind for each other in a few years! ;) (I'm just joking, tell Josh to relax! ;)

I was looking at the pictures before and oh, those blue eyes! Do either of you have them or was it a surprise that they stayed so blue?

Speaking of which, I can't tell what he's doing--using his recording system, it looks like? I do hope you get some of this on a video camera!


Kristi said...

LOL...was she helping daddy while he worked?


Snossy said...

Love it!! Too cute. :) Don't sleeping babies just make your heart melt? :)