Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Pregnancy Pictures

I just realized that I never posted my pregnancy pictures. I hope you enjoy!


Anonymous said...

you're gorgeous! you look great pregnant!.

God Bless,


ChloƩ said...

Aww! The first one is so sweet, I have never seen that before! All of them are precious! You were glowing!
Congratulations on your new baby girl!


Eight said...

Those little shoes always get me every time in the store and your picture of them is no exception to that, but my personal favorite is you and Joshua feeling your tummy --it just makes me smile.

My husband and I can't wait for my sister-in-law to give birth to our second nephew in January/February (I say January, he says February! Either month is safe, I believe the due date is February 3) and we are so excited for them.

Pregnancy suits you well, you look terrific in your photographs and have handled even the scary and distasteful bits with grace and an unshakeable faith in God and in your husband. May you be blessed with many more!

Miss Melissa said...

Those are great pictures. You both look so happy. :)