Friday, July 16, 2010

My Coupon Savings 7-16-2010

Total Without Coupons = $127.05
Total With Coupons = $31.29
Total Day's Savings = $95.76

Percentage Saved = 75%

-Best Deals Of The Day-

5) BIC Disposable Razors equaling 36 razors = FREE
2) Emerald Trail Mixes = FREE
4) Fiber One Pastries = $0.15 ea.
1) Fabuloso Cleaner = $0.33
5) Suave Deodorant Sticks = $0.47 ea.


Ashley Bowman said...

That's awesome! Please share how you are able to find such great deals. I'm a newlywed too and love to find great shopping deals...but I don't coupon (yet!). I'd love for you to post some tips!

Eight said...

Oh Kristina! What a haul! I've got a lot to learn from you and my husband will be happy about that! (Haha!)

Speaking of which, Miss Kloe Nikole is looking awfully big, how are you doing with the preparations for that? Have you thought about what sort of birth you'd like to experience? (Other than making sure Kloe's happy and healthy in the end, of course!)

You're a good wife and you're going to be a great mother! It's so nice to see a woman looking over a man and child so beautifully, as my partner looks over me and, God willing, someday our child or children. It's such a reminder of the way that God looks over us all.

God Bless, Christina and Josh!


Jessica said...

That's GREAT!!!! You are doing AWESOME :)

....and I LOVE how close your pregnancy ticker is getting to the end!!!!!!!! Can't wait to meet Kloe!!! :)