Saturday, March 20, 2010

Valentine Banquet and a 12 week picture that shows my face!

Yes, I know that I am almost 14 weeks, but I have had so many of my family and friends ask that I post a picture that actually shows my, here it is! Pardon the glare on my glasses but I had to take this with the tripod and I tried every angle I could and nothing worked.

We had a blast at our church's valentine banquet, which was a while ago...but I am JUST getting pictures uploaded onto the computer. If I had someway to crop this picture in closer, I would. Sorry about the distance of it.


hekatesgal said...

You might want to try GIMP free software. Its really fun!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations, Kristina! I am so happy for you. The baby has to call me 'Aunt Kara.' That would be so awesome!!!

Sorry I haven't called you or anything. I'll try to soon.

Love you!