Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Answering some Puppy Q's

It has been raining since I got up this morning, yes...rain is good, but on a day where you didn't get any sleep the previous night because of your precious little puppy making a bunch of noise because she doesn't want to be confined....all the rain does is make you EXTRA sleepy! While I love having a puppy to help me pass the time in the day and keep me company until Josh can get home, she sure doesn't let me get stuff done. She loves attention and follows me everywhere I go and makes cleaning almost impossible! LOL I wouldn't trade her for anything!!!

I got questions in comments about what kind of dog she is. When I took her to the vet they said that they weren't completely sure what she is. They said she looks to have boxer in her somewhere...and whatever else they aren't quite sure. We got her at the pound and they had her listed as a Labrador Retriever mix...which means she could just be a good ole mutt.

Someone also asked how we came to naming her Vanna, well...Josh and I were trying our best to come up with a name for her that we both liked and that turned out to be a harder task than we thought. So, I looked at Vanna, then looked at Josh, then back at Vanna and I just said that she looked like a Vanna...he said no, he hated it. But, it came time to make the vet appointment and they needed a name....Josh said "Her name is Vanna". So, that is how we came to naming our lil pup, Vanna.


Tiffany said...

Oh boy puppies sure can be a handfull. We got Gunner when he was four months old and thankfully house trained but he loved to chew. Thankfully we broke him of that habit fairly quickly. I think Vanna suits her just fine. It took us several weeks to come up with "Gunner" for a name. The kennel had named him Tex which we hated. He is supposed to be a bird dog so we thought Gunner would fit. Alas he is afraid, no terrified, of guns and hides under the car when he sees one.

Cove Girl said...

Well said. I live in a very liberal part of the country and the dichotomy of peoples views and values leaves me baffled most days.

Sophie said...

We got our dog from the pound too, but knew before we went we wanted one that was at least a year old. Puppies are so much work!

Eight said...

I agree with you, she does look like a Vanna and it's such a cute and unusual name, too. And mutts from the pound are the very best because you've saved a pup's life--our dog is from the pound as well and we love her to pieces. We live in Kentucky and had a rainy, overcast day as well and I just want to curl up on the sofa and do nothing! The Lord be with you and Joshua (and Vanna),
Patricia and Joshua (and Ingrid)