Sunday, December 28, 2008

Our first night together as a couple!

Mine and Josh's first picture together as a couple! (Josh looks great, but I don't look so swell in this one...hopefully I will get one that I look better in soon! LOL)

Daddy showing Josh his salt and pepper shakers he made when he was in metal-works shop in HS.

Josh and I looking at stuff on the computer.

Josh and I looking at stuff.

Josh looking very HANDSOME!

Ronnie and Jessica with us at Ryans.

Bro. Jim and Sis. Jennifer (Josh's pastor and his wife)

Momma and I enjoying our food.

Daddy talking to Bro. Robert and Sis. Vicki. (Josh's parents)

Josh and I talking at supper.

Josh still looking very HANDSOME!!!

Tonight was a very special night for Josh and I. Tonight was the first night we had seen each other since the day before we started courting! Tonight is also when both sets of parents got together to discuss some things about the courtship. These pics are out of, the ones on top are supposed to be last and the last first! We went out to eat first and the Josh came over to the house. He decided to surprise me with a gift! He gave me a gold cross necklace that has a silver heart around it and what looks like a diamond in the middle of the is BEAUTIFUL! I love it!!! He is just so sweet!!! I still can't thank God enough for giving me such a wonderful man!!!


Sis. Julie said...

It was a great and special time with you and Josh and his parents. We truly enjoyed it!! Josh is a very sweet and special man!! He is going to spoil know that don't you??? LOL!! Y'all are such a blessing to watch and be around. I am looking forward to this courtship!!

Love you!! Momma

Courtney, Jer.33:3 said...

Oh NO!!!!!!!!!!! The picture of your dad showing the salt and pepper shakers..................don't tell me your dad is doing things like that already!!! LOL!!!
Glad you had a great time together!
BTW...........I noticed that you didn't sit across from him while you ate..........I reckon that stage is still up the road a know, the stage when you don't care just how you look while eating......LOL!!!!!

Kristina said...


I would have been just as content sitting across from him, as a matter of fact I would have preferred that...but my dad wanted to face us both while he talked to us. :o)
And YES, he is already doing stuff like that!!! He has already started picking on me with him may be a LONG road!! LOL!!!!

Kristina said...

I would have preferred it because I would be able to look at him without craning my neck! LOL I forgot to add that!

Sis Rachel said...

I am so happy for both of you!!! God is so good, isn't He???
Love and miss you all!

Sis Rachel
Psalm 27:8
Eph 3:20,21

Kristina said...

Sis. Rachel,
Thank you! Yes, God is good!!!
Love you and miss you too!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations. I would love to hear more about the plan as such for your courtship - ie some of the rules or guidelines you have etc. Does he live in the same city? Also - I am confused as to how courtship is different to being engaged? I am assuming you will have chaperones when you are together - will Ronnie and Jessica be allowed to be chaperones?

Miss Sarah Dixon

Vicki said...

Hey Hon!

I love your blog spot! I am so excited about all the Lord is doing for you and Josh! You are such a blessing to Robert and I! You are everything we prayed for! It is so amazing to see all you two have in common! I believe God is going to use your testimonies about your courtship to teach and encourage other young people! We love you so much!

Love ya!

Vicki (Mama)