Tuesday, September 23, 2008

News, news, news!

There have been several things to happen since I posted last. My Aunt Mindy had her baby! Hannah Gracie was born Friday, September 19th...I have yet to see her in person, but from pictures...she is adorable! My Aunt and Uncle are very happy to have their little girl in their arms.

Another piece of news is that Ronnie and Jessica (my brother and sis-n-law) found out Saturday that they are expecting their second baby! They miscarried the first one, so they are a little nervous about this pregnancy. Things so far are going really well. Jessica has been to the doctor and say that everything is normal. We are all so excited!!!

Then I had my 20th birthday yesterday...it was a sad but happy occasion. I didn't really want to leave my teenage years, but that was not to be helped. Ronnie and Jessica got me a really nice spice rack that included several spices. Now I just need to have a kitchen of my own to put it in! :o) But that will come in God's timing.

That is pretty much all the news that I have, it is very exciting news...but that's all of it! This week is going to be a busy one. Our Choir sings at another church Thursday night, and Bro. Joe will be preaching. I am looking forward to that!


Jessica said...

I hope you had a great birthday! I'm sorry we couldn't come tonight, but we had fun on Monday!! I hope you have fun tonight. :)

Love you,

Tiffany said...

I wanted to stop by and tell you Happy Belated Birthday! Sorry I missed the actual day but I was caught up in Hurricane Ike and just got power restored after 14 days without! Hope your day was wonderful.

Kristina said...

My birthday was wonderful...thank you!

Kristina said...

Thanks! I did have a good time. I hate that you and Ronnie weren't able to make it, but I understand. :o)