Friday, February 01, 2008

The Inspirations

The Inspirations!!!! Singing "I'll live again"
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Ginger said...

Wow,the Inspirations that is very cool!! Have you seen any other Southern Gospel groups? Oh, and did you get to talk to the group after the concert?

LOL...I love Southern Gospel!

Kristina said...


No, I have never heard anyone else in person.

The only one I got to meet and talk with was Melton, he is the one third to the right. He is hilarious! And the only reason I got to meet him is he knows my brother.

I really enjoyed hearing them!!!

Anonymous said...

Hey! Wish I could've been there too!! :) I really enjoy hearing the Inspirations!! Like your Mom said, they really seem to know what they are singing about. I guess that's why I like them so much.

That's neat that you got to talk to Melton! :)


Kristina said...


YOU COMMENTED!! I think I'm still breathing! LOL...I'm just kidding with ya! Thanks for stopping by and commenting.

Anonymous said...

haha!! I know I should comment more!! :)