Monday, January 14, 2008

Post Number 400!

It took me 3 years to do it...but here it 400!!

Last night we went to Harvest Baptist Tabernacle, where Bro. Joe Arthur is pastor. Some of you may have heard him preach. Last night was so good!! He preached out of John , in verses 1-10 on the miracle of turning the water to wine. The way that he presented it and referred it to us as Christians was just awesome.

The number of vessels used...6- The number of man.
The height or width of the vessels used...6- The number of man.
The water- A type of the Holy Ghost, and of the Word of God.
The Groom- A type of Jesus Christ.

We being the vessels, made of stone, cold and hard...needed the water (the conviction of the Holy Ghost) to be poured into us. So that we could be presented to the Groom...The Lord Jesus Christ.

Of course, it was better last night then when I am trying to explain it, but it was really good.

When we do leave our church in a few months (Lord willing), the Lord has directed us to that church. We have visited there a couple of times on Sunday nights (our afternoon services are at 3:00 pm.) and we have truly been blessed by what we have seen and heard. I would post the church website...but it is under really would do no good to send has no info on it yet. :o)


Jimena said...

Hmmm, that sounds very interesting... about the study. I'll have to chew on it a bit. I'm glad you guys have been blessed by this church. Blessings

Daughter of the King said...

I have heard Bro. Joe Arthur in Bible Baptist in Port Orchard..he is very energetic and a great preacher..

Dave said...

I has heard a message from a diff preacher, might from preacher from my church, I not sure. Thank for post it! I heard that Joe Arthur is a great preacher. How far it his church from where you live at now?


Kristina said...


From where we live now...about 15 minutes on a good day.

Dave said...

That not too bad. I live about 15minutes from my church.

Courtney, Jer.33:3 said...

I'm sure you're both nervous and excited about this new change for ya'll. Are there very many people your age at that church??

Kristina said...


I have not really met any of the young people yet, but it looks like there are a lot that are my age.

I will have to get used to that...with us having such a small youth group here at Eagles View.