Monday, January 07, 2008

A Poem

I got the thoughts for this poem after I found out that a very, very close friend of mine that is 17 years old moved out of his parents house. We have known him and his family since he was just 4 or 5. It was really shocking and heart breaking to hear about it. I am hearing a lot about teens that are moving out of their parents home because they want to do their own thing. It is just really sad.

This poem is also written from some testimonies that I have heard from people after they got back home and straightened their lives out. This is really a warning to all teenagers and young people out there to stay right with God and make the right decisions.

One by one they leave the nest
But not by the parents are they blest
They choose to leave and live their life
Without the rules and "parental strife".

"All of it's grand" they will say
But down the road they'll dearly pay
Doing their thing and having their way
But judgments coming any day.

They begin to notice the trouble their in
They cry out to God "You win, you win"
They come back home and get things right
Now relieved from fighting the fight.

Many years later they'll tell you the story
Of leaving home and expecting all glory
Only finding out what an end sin brings
Having the fun and doing those things.

But one thing they always say
A life of sin never does pay
So stay in the home and in the Bible stay strong
That's the way that never goes wrong.

Written 01-06-2008
By: Kristina ________


I do not have a title for this poem, so any suggestions for a title would be a blessing!!!!


Pam--in Jerusalem said...

I'm sorry that I don't have a suggestion for the title...I'm drawing a blank. But I loved the poem! God bless you for doing it God's way!

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful poem!! You are a very talented young lady! And a really wonderful witness and testimony, God bless you Sister!

Bro Tim said...

God has really blessed you with a talent for poetry. My suggestion is Brokenhearted Teenagers.

Bro Tim

Dave said...

Great Poem!! Like every one say you got a talent for poetry! I can not come up with a name, but like what Tim has say. That Ok that you has not been by my blog in a while. I can understand what be mean my being herctic. You are going has to move and going on deputation in few months and with Ronnie ( That is his name right?) getting marry.


Dave said...

I was going to ask this in the last comment but forgot, How cold is it in GA and has you got any rain?


Sis. Julie said...

Kristina....I am so proud of you for letting God use you with this talent of writing poems. This poem of course touched my heart because I know the one that cause you to have the words to come. I know they are from God but I also know the burden you and Michelle have for the one that has chosen to rebel.

You're a blessing to your momma and I love you very much!!

Kristina said...

Pam-in Jerusalem,

Thanks for coming by!

Kristina said...

Mrs. Amy,

Thank you, you are a blessing!

Kristina said...

Bro. Tim,

Thanks for the suggestion.

Kristina said...


Thanks for coming by.

The weather here was really nice yesterday and the day before. I had to turn the air on last night just to have it cool enough to sleep.
It's raining today.

Kristina said...

Thanks Momma!

Jessica said...

Wow, that's great Kris!! I love it. You are so talented. :)

I'm no good at titling poems (of course I'm no good at writing them either! LOL!) so I don't have any suggestions. I'm sorry. :(

Anonymous said...

Hey sis. Kristina. Great poem. You have God given talent to write! my suggestion for a name would be,
A Heart For Home.
God Bless you!

Breezy said...

That poem is really great. So many people it brings to my mind. Though I don't know what it should be called. I'm thinking something that has to do with regret.

Kristina said...


Thanks for stopping by, and thanks for the suggestion.

Kristina said...


Thanks for coming to my site.
I agree, there are many people that this poem brings to my mind as well.

Once again, thanks for stopping by.

Diane Cardot said...

Kristina great poem. I know exactly how you feel. It doesn't matter if it is a friend or even some one in your own family. The burden for them is still the same. Continue to pray for them daily.

Kristina said...

Mrs. Diane,

Thanks for coming by!

Tiffany said...

You are so talented. I'm not so I dont' have any suggestions. Sounds like you are writin gabout me when I was young. I was so lost. Thankfully God saved me! This post is such a blessing.

Nicholas Z. Cardot said...

I posted a link to this poem over at my Watchman Awards section for this week! Great poem!

Jimena said...

Hi Kristina,

I like Jay's suggestion for a title. It's been great seeing your comments on my blog. and really feel humbled that you have linked to me as well. I hope and pray that I will never write anything that you wouldn't consider good linking to. God bless you, you are as many have said, very talented. Hope the Piano lessons are going well too!

nancysnook said...

Hi Kristina, I love your poem, it's beautiful! I came up with a title for you, if you like it, "Fleeting the Fight" it's like your heart knows the right thing but your mind is fighting the desire to flee from the mental battle you have going on.

I found your blog from your mother's. You should continue to write more poetry...I should send you some of mine.