Wednesday, July 25, 2007

A new look.....again!!!

But this time I promise that it will stay this way for a while!! I absolutely love how it is. Momma had her site redone and I wanted to do something like it, so after I found out what and how it had been done.....I did it!! How about it...what do y'all think about the new look? Yea-or-Nay? Ooh and turn up your speakers, I put the Canon in D on for background music!

I have been reading in I Samuel where David has been hiding from King Saul...and how David faught different battles with the Philistines and the Amalikites. When David had come back and found that his wives and all his stuff was taken away from him and the people of the town wanted to stone David, it said that he encouraged himself in the Lord. I know someone right now who is having a difficult time and is battling with some stuff. I just wanted to encourage that person to just keep in God's Word and to stay on their knees and find encouragement from the Lord Himself. There is no better help you can get than from Him.

Everyone have a wonderful day!!


Bro Tim said...

I like your new layout. SOmetimes the only thing we can do is encourage ourselves in the Lord like David did. SOmetimes family, or friends, can't help but the Lord will always encourage. Good thought. Post more!!

Bro Tim

Katy-Anne said...

I like the new look. It seems like everyone is doing it. I wouldn't know how so I am stuck with a blogspot template.

Jessica said...

Hey Kris,

I love your "Sunset" look!! :)

Thank you for helping me with my page... It looks great too!! :)

I had a great time last night. We will have to do it again soon.

Love ya,

Julie's Jewels said...

I love the new look!! I'm glad you are going to keep it for a while too!! It seems you have been changing your look as often as you change your clothes...LOL!! Not really. I'm just glad you found something that pleases you and sits well with you so you don't have to take so much time on the computer trying to figure something out!!

I know of many times I've had to encourage myself in the Lord. One thing I can say ALWAYS works and ALWAYS helps!! God is truly Wonderful!!


Jess said...

Awesome website! I got here from Good Report. I am so happy to find teens doing this! I am going to have my daughter do one as well. I have added you to our teens page at our church website so they can read your blog, too. I hope you don't mind? If you know of other good IFB KJV blogs for or about teens, please email me at and THANKS!