Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Since I've been gone...

.....My brother had his 21st birthday, I helped my Aunt and Uncle move in 10 hours...packing and all, and started crochetting a blanket. May not sound like a lot, but I stayed up all night Sunday night to help my Aunt and Uncle move.....some of you who know me personally know that when I get tired.....I get goofy!! On top of being goofy from being tired, I had 2 energy drinks and that made me even more goofy!!!

Well...I have decided that I am going to post 6 wierd things about me. My mom did it and I did it on my other site, so I am going to tell you those 6 right now.

1- I put ranch dressing in my spaghetti.
2- I cross my big toes over my little toes out of habit.
3- I can pop the bones in my feet.
4- When I do a thumbs up, my thumb goes all the way back due to my double and loose jointedness.
5- I love Little House on the Prairie re-runs.
6- Lastly....I can't eat velveta mac and cheese without Bar-B-Que sauce. you know some wierd things about me!! If you want to do this feel free to do so, it started out as a tag-a-person thing...but I am not going to do that. Do it if ya want to. :)


Bro Tim said...

Yeah I believe you got my wife started on that ranch dressing. Now the last one that is gross barbeque sauce is for pork, ribs, chicken, hamburgers but mac and cheese eww. Just kidding thought I would respond to your post because I am really bored right now. Hope you have a good day.
Bro TIm

Courtney, Jer.33:3 said...