Thursday, August 17, 2006

Going, going, gone.

I will be heading out of town tomorrow with my momma at about 6 in the morning, we are going to North Carolina to help my aunt paint her house. Well....momma will help paint the house. I will be watching my cousin Madison while Momma and Catina paint. I am not really looking forward to the 6 hour drive that I am not allowed to sleep on. Momma said that she needs me to TALK to her so that I will keep her awake. So if anyone knows how to keep a 6 hour conversation please let me know!!! :)
I have not yet started packing. I am going to wait until Karlee leaves tonight to get it done. We will be gone for about a week, at least that is what we are preparing for. I am hoping that we will get some spare time to see some friends or something like that....ooh or go shopping!! Yay! Shopping.....a girls best friend!!! There is just one slight problem with that.........I have NO money! Oh well.
My sister, Michelle had surgery on her hand Monday. She seems to be doing good today, but the first few days were pretty painful. The doctor said that he was pleased with the work he did. She goes to the doctor on Tuesday to have the stitches taken out. Her recovery is going to be a long and tough one. Pray that the pain will stay at a minimum and that all will work out. Also pray for my Daddy, he will be taking care of Michelle while we are gone. He will be doing the cooking, cleaning and taking care of the dogs (whom he can't stand.) .
Other than all of is what it always is! I will be able to post while at my Aunt's, well at least I hope to. Have a good week!!

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