Friday, July 14, 2006

Our Midnight Monster

It all started last night when I went to brush my teeth for bed at 11:08 p.m. I walked into our laundry room(which is also a spare bathroom) and went to put something onto the dryer when all of a sudden I saw this HUGE spider....okay so maybe it wasn't huge...but it was BIG none the less. It was bigger than a silver dollar. ANYWAY.....instantly I went to look for someone awake in the house, come to find out...everyone was in bed but my 20 year old brother Ronnie. Just the person I needed!! I opened the door "Ronnie there is a spider in the laundry room, come and kill it so I can brush my teeth." and his reply was "Your a big girl, you can do it." .
Well....I went into the laundry room with my pink flip-flop and patiently waited for the right opportunity to kill it. I waited 10 minutes and went back to Ronnie's room "Ronnie please come and kill it, I want to go to bed!! I need to brush my teeth, come kill it!!" once again his response was "Your a big girl....kill it yourself.". This time I replied "Yep, that's right I am a GIRL, G-I-R-L..GIRL...some and kill it!!".
After much pleading and begging.........he went to bed!! So here I was in our hallway trying to figure out what to do with this spider. I got to thinking "Well...I could put the bleach bottle on the top of it and that would kill it, but that would be messy and I don't want to do that. I could spray it with bug killer, oh but that is messy and noisy it will wake Momma. What am I gonna do?". At this point I am tired, needing to brush my teeth and aggrivated with my needless to say.......I started to tear up! Yepper, I started to tear up!! I stood there and debated what to do for an hour.....can you believe that! I stood there for an hour!!! Well....then I was happy to see Momma get up for a midnight potty break. At first she said just leave it, so I put the flip-flop away and went to get my stuff to brush my teeth. She came back and said where is it. She did not have her glasses on, so she could not see it when I pointed it out. She got her glasses and said "Oh, hand me your flip-flop." so I had to run to my room, get the flip-flop and gave it to Momma. She took it and gave the spider a real quick jab with the flip-flop......and the spider ran! She jump and said "ooohh" and walk back. I gave her the broom and the spider had fallen beside the washer, she took the broom and started to smoosh to spider.
The spider was not dead, but had disappeared!! So...I went to be knowing that somewhere in the house we had a HUGE spider! And that was our midnight experience!


Anonymous said...

Yeah...well...I didn't get to sleep very well either. I kept thinking that the spider was going to find it's way to my bed and come get me because I tried to kill it!!! Imagine that!! I'm still looking for that spider and so far he hasn't shown his ugly self again. I hope he will but in plain view with no obstacles in the way to keep us from getting a good shot to kill him!!

BrittLeigh said...

Oh my goodness! Your brother needs to learn how to rescue damsels in distress if he plans on being a husband!!! :) Seriously, I think it is so nice of a brother when he comes to my rescue. My brothers sometime give me the "big girl" thing, but they're usually kind enough to don their masculinity and come to my room and kill whatever it is that plagues me (usually it's a bee). I tell you what... I can not stand killing bugs. I'd sooner run than kill. Not a good thing I know, but I guess God knew that so he gave me good bug-killing brothers :D. And I always thank them profusely and make it up to them by a favorite meal or a batch of cookies or something :).

I hope that spider either evacuates or gets killed soon :).

Happymama said...

Oh My! Funny but scary story. I can stand spiders as long as they know their place and stay outside. But can't you just see him at his computer, blogging to his spider buddies about the terrible scare HE had?? LOL

And if that had been Jessica standing there begging for him to kill it, I bet he would have. LOL BROTHERS!!
Hope you find it soon.


Three Sisters Blog said...

Did you ever find the spider?

kristina said...

No, we have not seen it since!

Jessica said...

Awww, now Kris, you made him look so bad!! LOL!! Ok, so I guess it was kinda bad, huh?? But we all gave him such a hard time about it, if you ever have another spider problem, maybe he will come to your rescue!! LOL!! :)

Sis Kristi,
You are right, he said that if it had been me, he would have killed the spider. :)

Courtney, Jer.33:3 said...

Did you really stand there for 1 hour????? Shame on your brother!! :)

kristina said...

Yes, I really did stand there for 1 hour!! It was awful. I say shame on him too!! :)

Marsheila said...

I would have not went to bed until that thing was dead lol