Thursday, June 15, 2006

The Faith of Children

Well..todays post is taken from the words of a little guy that is the age of 6, J!! We just had to give a chuckle at what he said today. In his words. "Nannie, you know what butterflies make?" Nannie said "No, J what do they make?" J said "Nannie, they make butter!!" Like I said, we just had to chuckle at that.

It amazes me how they can take what they assume and put so much faith into it. Just like how a child knows that when a storm comes and they are scared that nothing will happen to them because Daddy is there to keep him safe and would never let anything happen to him. You know, we could learn alot from kids. We could learn how to have that child-like faith towards our Father in Heaven, that no matter what happens He will never leave us and He will always help us and comfort us!! It sentences like that one J made that reminds me of what I need in my daily walk!!!

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Anonymous said...

It is cute some of the things that children say and the logic they bring to those statements. I only stands to reason that a butterfly would make butter...right? You are right about our faith though. I'm so thankful that it only takes faith as a child to come to know the Lord. Just like your daddy said the other night...children believe what they are told so its not hard for them to trust Christ. We should only be so trusting of Him.