Saturday, March 04, 2006

Umm, umm good!!

Last night we went to a place here that is called Buckners. It is a place where they serve nothing but good home cooking. They have green beans, fried chicken, stewed tomatos, b-b-q chicken, corn, cole slaw, biscuits and corn bread, mashed potatos and the BEST peach cobbler!! It was some good eating!! I have never seen so much fightinh over the peach cobbler. Me and Michelle and Jessica's dad!! OH BOY!! We knew for sure that before it was all over the some one would end up wearing it!! Thankfully no one did!!! We went and we heard Ronnie and the group sing there last night. It was pretty good. There was another group too. It was one that I had never heard of, they were good as well. Jessica and Kimberly should have pictures posted sometime today I believe. So you might want to check out their sites to see if they have!
Today I have no idea what is in the plans!! I just live here ya know!! LOL
Hope everyone has a good day!

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Jessica said...

Hey Kristina,

I can't believe you remembered all that food!! (even the stewed tomatoes! Ewwww!) You forgot the Tea though! LOL!! And yea, I thought that someone was going to end up wearing the peach cobbler too!! And since I was in the middle, I figured it would be me.... But Praise God, I made it out of there without one single peach on me!! :) I still say ya'll should have just took Ronnie's table's peach cobbler!! LOL!! Although, with all the guys at that table, I'm pretty sure you'd have had a fight there too!! LOL!!!! :)