Monday, March 06, 2006

The three stooges... :) Not really, well...maybe. Ask Jessica!!


Jessica said...

That one is really good too!!!!!! And our eyes are open!! LOL!! :)

Jessica said...

Oh, and as for the "3 Stooges" comment..... The more we're together, the more I wonder!! LOL!! I'm just kidding!

I had a lot of fun yesterday.... Even though I had NO competition on the Bible Questions!! LOL!! Luckly for y'all I can't come to the Bible Quiz. My friend that I told you is getting Married this month..... Her wedding is the 25th... and the Bible Quiz is the 25th. I have to go down to the Church she is getting married at on the Friday night before and help decorate, and then I have to be back down there Saturday Morning to help finish setting up everything that we won't be able to set up on Friday (The food and things like that). So I'll probably be gone all day on the 25th. :( Y'all have fun without me!! Y'all better get to STUDYING, you only have 3 weeks!! :) (Oh, and by the way Kristina.... horses ARE in the Bible!! LOL!!)

Bro Tim said...

Kristina if you would let Jessica know we are going to changed the date to April 1st lucky for you all.