Thursday, March 09, 2006

Rough weather tonight.

It looks as though we are gonna get some really rough weather tonight. I myself am not lookinh forward to that. I HATE storms. I am gonna feel more safe in this house here than the one we just moved out of. We just moved out of the woods full of DEAD trees, so I feel safer in this house that has hardly any trees. Although my mother brought more worries into my head, she said and I quote "Yep, we don't have to worry about the trees anymore but we really have to worry about tornados now!" that made me feel a whole lot better about tonight. I will be fine though.....if I don't post anymore it is because I was swept away by a tornado!! LOL

I know that my posts have been short lately, but there has not been that much to write about. Maybe something funny or important will happen soon and I will be able to write a HUGE LONG post about it!! Talk to y'all later.


Jessica said...

You poor thing. Just hold on to something, and maybe you wont fly away!! LOL!!

I know what you mean though, I HATE tornados too!! But our basement is mostly undergound, and my room is down there!!! So, I don't really have anything to worry about.

Your posts have been short lately. Maybe you'll find something important to write about soon. :)

Love ya, Jessica

Kristina said...

Maybe....I HOPE SO!!