Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Copper has a new home.

Our dog Copper got a new home yesterday. We got an email this morning saying that he loves his new home and his new family. They are a really nice family that live on alot of land where he can run free. He will also have another dog that he can play with, which is something that he did not have here. We are all going to miss him!!! He was the sweetest dog we have ever owned. He was definitely not your normal guard dog, he scared them by his looks (even though his tail wagged the whole time!!). Oh and he would bark at you.....then once you stepped out he would lick you to death and try to play with you. We will all miss him!!!!!


Jessica said...

Oh, He doesn't look that scary! I'm glad ya'll found him a good home.

kristina said...

Yeah, we are too! I am so glad that we were able to know who got him and met them rather than take him to a shelter and not know what happened to him. This way we can keep in touch with that person and see how he is doing and all.