Tuesday, December 06, 2005

"The Blessing of delays"

Last night after we took Karlee to her mother, we went and got something to eat. We went to Sonic, and with our family it is a big order! Well once we pulled out Momma had decided that she was gonna check the bags and make sure everything was there before we went to far. She thought that her onion rings were missing, so we sat there for about a minute and a half and she found them. As we drove through a little town to go home we passed a really bad wreck that had just happened, the police were just getting there. The car involved was so banged up that I could not tell you what it was! It was a horrilbe sight. After we passed it I told Momma that it was meant for us to pull over and check for the onion rings or that would have been us!! Momma told me that that is what she was thinking about.
The point out of me telling that is, don't get mad when you get a delay. You never know what God is saving you from! If we had been a minute earlier we could have died!! So what I want to say today is.........THANK GOD FOR THE ONION RINGS!!!!


Bro Tim said...

God sometimes allows us to do things to delay us. I am glad for those delays there has been times like that in my life. I remember one time I forgot something at home and turn around and got it to find out there was a bad wreck that happen and I could have been in that accident. SO I am with you on this thank God for the delays in our life.

Courtney, Jer.33:3 said...

God has delayed us before too!

Jessica said...

That is so true, so many times we get frustrated over those delays, but we should be thanking God. There is always a reason God lets us be delayed. There are no telling how many times God has protected us from things that we don't even know about! Praise the Lord for delays.