Thursday, November 10, 2005


I am sorry that I have not put anythingon here in a while. I have been meaning to. I wanted to do a audioblog but it would not work for some odd reason. Today my dad went to another doctor just to find out that he does not have Fibromyalgia. They also said that he needs to have a bone scan done on his chest. They don't have any idea what is wrong with him. So another doctor and another opinion. Church last night was really good. Not many were there, but it was a good service. Karlee is now crawling and getting into everything!!! She is becoming more of a handful! But we love her to death. Hope everyone is having a good Thursday!


Courtney, Jer.33:3 said...

Glad your back on! Missed your posts! Love ya!

Kristina said... is good to be back!

Sis.Crystal said...

Hey Kris,
Just remember God is in control! He knows Everything.
Love ya girl