Thursday, November 17, 2005

"Cold Weather"

Today I have been trying to keep myself warm. It has been really cold and windy here. I think our tops for today was 49*. Our house is really old and does not stay warm because it is not well insulated. We had our peak in the fall season last week, the tree were so pretty. We live near a highway that has trees up and down everywhere along the road and we have to take that road to church. I love going down that road at this time of year. I love the holidays that come at this time of year as well. We bought the turkey for our Thanksgiving meal last week. I am really excited about the cooking and baking!!! I am not sure what I am making yet, but I am sure it will more than likely be a dessert of some kind. There are a lot of Thanksgiving memorys as well. Like last year, Ronnie and my Uncle Chris decided that they would do some of the cooking!! BAD IDEA! They made a Oatmeal Orange Peel dessert.....(gag) It was really bad, everyone that took a bite had to go and wash their mouth out afterward!! It was horrible. Or the year the turkey grease caught the stove on fire. Althrough that we have had some really good times together. This Sunday we will be having our Thanksgiving dinner at the church. I am really looking forward to the time spent together with the church. I am gonna go now. I want to hear your Thanksgiving memories that you have!! No matter what they are!


Bro Tim said...

One memory I have is when I was growing up in Ohio me and my dad used to love watching the football games together we would eat and while everyone else was sleeping we would sit there at cheer on our team. SOmetimes it is something I miss since my dad passed away 4 years ago but that is such a fond memory.I love thanksgiving because we have so much to be thankful for.

Courtney, Jer.33:3 said...

One Thanksgiving memory that I have is when we had company over and had about 17 people ( including us ) sleeping in a SINGLE WIDE TRAILER! Imagine that! :)

kristina said...

WOW! Little room huh? I can't imagine that!