Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Yucky Weather

The weather here has been really yucky! We are supposed to have rain the rest of this week. Hurricane Dennis did not do a lot when it hit us. We just got slight winds and a lot of rain. We were expecting more than that. We were looking for it to get really bad,but it never got to that point! I am doing better as far as my cold goes. I sound a lot better!! It killed me not to be able to talk that much!! For all of you that know me know that I like to talk...A LOT!! Well...anyway! Pray for us...Wednesday will be the last day that we will have a piano player in the church. Ronnie was the only one who knows how to play. He will be leaving Friday to go with the group that he is going to be playing and singing for. So pray that God will send someone in who knows how to play the piano! So from now on until God sends someone in we will be singing everything acapela!! It is going to be interresting. Our song leader is not really looking forward to that!! Just please pray for Eagles View Baptist Church.

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Sis.Crystal said...

Amen Sis! We really need the prayers.