Monday, June 20, 2005

Today's Happenings.

Today there has been nothing special. Just babysitting Karlee. We now have 13 kittens, we had a cat to have kittens yesterday!! SOME ONE PLEASE SAY THAT THEY WANT ONE!!!!! I don't want to deal with 13 kittens at Walmart! 5 were a handful let alone 13! I need HELP! So we are gonna have alot of trouble on our hands. Yesterdays services were good. We had a small crowd, but it was a really good 2 services. Please pray for my Grandfather, he is gonna have to have back surgery. I am not sure if he is gonna do it or just deal with the pain in his back. He injured it in a car accident several months ago. He just found out that he is gonna need the surgery. So pray for him.

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